Обновление Silkroad + сервер + клиент + код + релиз 1.4.1

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Здравствуйте, нашел на одном форуме и решил выложить сюда.
Здесь сервер + клиент + обновление емулятора.

(Silkroad online emulation).
Release information 1.4.1:
- Fixed little stat bug
- Fixed monster movement (Big crash bug).
- Fixed cpu usage on spawn system
- Fixed several equipment bugs
- Added guild system (Creation, Invite, Leave, Upgrade, Titles, Messages, Guildpoints,
---------------------(Permissions, Donate, Transfer leadership)

Release information 1.4.0:
- Fixed logon spawn errors (Crashes) Tested in hotan and related crash points
- Fixed double item load error on login
- Fixed respawn bug monster respawn immortal and locations
- Fixed several skill cast errors
- Fixed eu drops
- Fixed stall items now all items can be added (except item mall types).
- Fixed exp multiplier for monster types
- Fixed stone creation by gm command (Database error fix)
- Fixed blue system bugs (Loading / unloading of items / reading of items)
- Fixed alchemy stones (Add blues to items)
- Fixed move to player (monster null error).
- Fixed item bug (Forgotten type). in database saving
- Fixed teleport level for alexandria
- Updated spawn system (Should be done now).
- Updated spawn stall (Now stalls are spawned properly).
- Updated effects (Added burn and lightning shock).
- Updated monster skills (Now frozen shock and burn have been added) to monster skills
- Added universal pill test (Removal abnormal state).
- Added several missing checks to attack picking and related player actions
- Added spawning base for job transports
- Added base for job equipment checks (In progress not active).
- Added new data files for new update
- Added base for new buff items like balloons and such
- Added new unique's (Medusa, Fixed ivy, Neith, Sphinx, Isis and others).
- Added global spawn / despawn for force skill (Harmony therapy).
- Added custom config (EnableUniqueMessage) If set to "1" then whenever you spawn,
--By command a message will appear with "Monster name spawned... etc.."
- Updated to client 1.303

Release information 1.3.9:
- Fixed requip stat bug
- Fixed skill distances on nukes and several bow skills
- Fixed Distance time calculation while walking / running / zerking
- Fixed re and despawn issues when moving fast
- Fixed exp and sp ratios
- Fixed several attack bugs
- Fixed drop system (not dropping on higher level)
- Fixed teleporter crashes (while zerk / after attacking etc).
- Updated spawn system (detailing and checks).
- Updated handling of items (details).

Release information 1.3.8:
- Fixed all equipment stat bugs
- Fixed all player drop item crashes
- Added defensive stats to jewelry items on equip / unequip.
- Updated to new client version
- Disabled pets and exchange they are not done and should not be used until finished.

Release information 1.3.7:
- Fixed bug (defense equip / unequip stats).
- Fixed bug monster drop EU did not drop.
- Fixed bug item creation + issue now saved correctly
- Fixed bug weapon skill check, now checks (not all skills but most).
- Fixed bug normal attacking and optimised attack system
- Fixed bug skill attack and checks made
- Fixed timer issues (related to attacking) for combo attacks

Release information 1.3.6:
- Fixed party invite / ban / disband / leave / form / change entry / list / join
- Fixed item movement storage
- Fixed makeitem command (avatars)
- Fixed totown command
- Fixed spawning system (will be improved).
- Fixed buy npc gold bug (buying with ctrl).
- Fixed buy from npc + value on wearable items
- Fixed monster drops
- Added kick command (/blocklogout Playername 1).
- Added begin for premium ticket system
- Updated to latest silkroad client version

Release information 1.3.5:
- Added new drop system
- Added base for attack pets
- Added new monster AI system
- Added new blue system
- Added new alchemy system
- Added basic alchemy destroy item functions
- Added new item usage system
- Added alchemy system create stones
- Added new item mall system
- Added all avatars (Use 28Days normal silk mall)
- Added all pets to item mall (Same as above).
- Added warehouse expansion
- Added berserk regeneration potions
- Added more skills to skill system
- Added GP system to guilds
- Updated pvp system
- Updated inventory expansion
- Updated to latest patch version
- Updated to new legend client
- Updated packets to new client
- Updated and fixed movement, distances.
- Updated network system
- Updated new friend group system
- Updated teleporting
- Updated several gm commands (WP / makeitem)
- Updated grabpets
- Fixed speed potions
- Fixed several shop bugs
- Fixed horse spawning, moving
- Fixed bug reports
+ Alot more has been done but the list is getting long.    Update fixes are on the forum

Release information 1.3.4:
- Added new item system
- Base for new guild system (not active).
- Fixed exploits reported (to much to list).
- Fixed bugs reported (to much to list).
- Fixed framework net, prevent crashing of server for many parts.
- Updated skill system with new skills and more.
- Updated data files
- Most things in this release are stability. so not much feature updates

Release information 1.3.3:
- Fixed Imbue issues
- Fixed Spawn issues
- Fixed skill and mastery up crash
- Fixed guild invitations
- Fixed friend list bugs
- Fixed horse on teleport / spawn and related
- Fixed teleport issues related to level
- Fixed spawn crashes now stable
- Fixed monster movement
- Fixed crash on skills europeos
- Fixed character creation bug
- Added guild removal / kick user
- Added guild networking for chat, online/offline state
- Added new agressive check system
- Added groupspawn packet
- Added armor restrictions, check what the user wears, (garm,protector etc)
- Added npc rotation angles, now npc's are looking the right way
- Updated welcome message in 2 lines
- Updated monster scrolls. now spawn per level/ party usage count.
- Updated to silkroad version 1.290
- Note: We are mainly working on stable base, so not features right now.

Release information 1.3.2:
- Fixed monster system / attack
- Fixed memory issues
- Fixed gender check on weapons
- Fixed inventory system moving items and equiping
- Fixed item mall packet
- Fixed file loading error
- Fixed stall system dupe bugs
- Fixed buying item from npc beeing +1
- Fixed stall system enter / leave stall
- Fixed stall issues, while teleporting checks etc
- Fixed adding items to stall
- Added base for grab pets
- Added base for attack pets
- Added base for new party system
- Added private message system
- Added friends system
- Added command /liename (Transforms you into model of choice)
- Added item mall items (Stall decorations)
- Added stall decoration base
- Added teleport costs, now reduces gold and checks player gold before teleporting
- Added teleport check level for alexandria and caves
- Added base for cave systems
- Added skill effects for monsters and for players
- Added custom drops to drop system, you can now add custom drops event items etc
- Added full cave system except some floors cant be walked on still in progress
- Added sky click movement, and angle checks etc
- Added full friends system
- Caves load monsters properly on each floor also spawns etc
- Updated drop system , changed elixir drop settings
- Updated drop system removed any gm related drops
- Updated to silkroad client version 1.289

Release information 1.3.1:
- Added blues to stall / exchange / storage
- Added new monster attack system
- Added new attack system
- Added guild , invite , creation, transfers, promotions, and related
- Added new seal system to increase power / def etc
- Added few eu skills, and fixed few ch skills
- Added configs for monster mask and for weather system
- Pre-work on effects status like burn, stun etc (In progress).
- Updated spawn system and fixed crashes
- Updated chat system fixed special characters
- Updated inventory item system, now optimised and uses only char_items
- Updated movement system for monsters and players
- Fixed alchemy system base (elixir / stones).
- Fixed main crash bugs should be stable enough now
- Fixed several item usage, and began monster mask usage.
- Fixed teleport issues related to crashing
- Fixed several other issues i found from testing to much to list.
- The list will get to long so i only listed the main parts ive worked on.

Release information 1.3.0:
- Added new blue system
- Added New monster spawning system
- Added several party functions that were missing
- Added alot of buffs , for chinese characters.
- Added guild creation / kick / title / main base
- Added new item functions
- Added new gm test command /initq ID < id = skill id to test skills
- Added weather system basics
- Added full alchemy system for blue
- Added full blue system except to drops! use stones for now.
- Added and updated guide system
- Added basic support for party monsters / exp / item share.
- Added support for several new skills, work in progress :)
- Added base for monster mask system
- Added base for secondary movement system will be updated in next
- Added better monster attack system with agro and several functions not fully enabled!
- Fixed most buff times, some were incorrect.
- Fixed autopotion / skillbar information saving
- Fixed state after teleporting using scrolls and related.
- Fixed several chat issues, not everything yet!
- Fixed bug that would cause the server to lag on monster attack.
- Fixed all npc's for europe , you can now buy all items.
- Fixed item pickup problems
- Fixed crash on attack issues
- Fixed movement system speed etc for monsters
- Fixed / updated spawn system for thief /
- Updated anti gm hack system, fixed  autoban
- Updated debug system now saves location of user
- Updated to isro client 1.287
- Updated spawn system for world items so they function properly
- Wrote new base for groupspawn / single spawn will be in next version.
- + Alot more fixes but the list is getting to long;)

Release information 1.2.9:
- Fixed all speed related bugs
- Fixed gm item drops are removed
- Fixed gm command notice
- Fixed horse spawn
- Fixed stalling while riding horse
- Fixed armor bugs wearing, etc
- Fixed drop for etc less drops
- Fixed base skills of EU characters
- Fixed shield on creation of eu character
- Fixed chat bug other characters

Release information 1.2.8:
- Fixed alchemy packet
- Fixed return points for teleporting
- Fixed npc doubles
- Fixed user titles
- Fixed other reported teleporting issues
- Fixed Chatting
- Fixed Avatars
- Fixed guild base
- Fixed Party system
- Fixed Exchange
- Fixed ivy spawn issues
- Fixed chat broadcasting
- Fixed Stalls
- Fixed 1 damage bug on starting items
- Fixed bug xbow missing bolts
- Fixed 2 Dupe bugs
- Fixed Exploit for gm commands
- Added new pvp system
- Added hp / mp regeneration on sitting.
- Added full guide system
- Added loginserver fixes / messages.
- Added begin of blue stats for items, just a begin nothing major.
- Added guild reading members from database and guild information.
- Added (c) messages to server user logon system.
- Disabled ingame notice of server info / powered by since we use it on login
- Disabled party system due to bugs
- Changed to latest ISRO Version due to easier working
- Updated alchemy elixir drop rates
- Updated all opcode's to isro
- Updated packet structures to isro
- Updated to isro client version 1.285
- + Fixed alot more but the list is getting long.

Release information 1.2.7:
- Changed alchemy rate coding, so rates are bit better then they were
- Added thief / hunter spawning basic, needs work
- Added full stall system, stall / additem / sell / chat etc
- Added unique message for spawn command
- Added unique message for mobkill command
- Added Rates settings for elixir, alchemy, and material / etc drops
- Fixed elixir types id.
- Fixed several horse bugs
- Fixed gm spawn command to work with other types of spawns
- Fixed several monsters , static monsters now stay on their place.
- Fixed base for item restriction, level, gender, race (NOT YET TYPE)
- Fixed instant casting, buffs etc
- Fixed return scroll movement issues
- Fixed monster attack time
- Fixed monster release target if to far away
- Fixed speed skill issues reuse time
- Fixed flood exploit on login server
- Fixed Npc double spawn / normal npc.
- Fixed invisible command for groupspawn
- Fixed monster spawning now using groupspawning
- Fixed data and updated it to match server and client
- Fixed spawning for players
- Fixed Item avatar types
- Fixed return location
- Fixed skill adding bug (Fast speed adding)
- Disabled some force skills due to attack bug (incomplete skill system issue)
- Updated client version to 1.740 KSRO
- Refactored packet system

Release information 1.2.6:
- Completed rewrite of framework Login & Gameserver now fully stable
- Completed rewrite of packet system
- Added vigor potion usage
- Fixed distances of weapon attacks
- Fixed horse spawn and movement
- Added And Activated new drop system for materials alchemy and etc items
- Added seal calculation corrections for power of attack and defense
- Added Evo-debug systems, autodebug players.
- Added Base for internal Evo-Manager use in console //manager to open
- Added Base for item blue stats , str, int, etc
- Disabled pet system for rewriting and perfecting.
- Started on rewriting stats system for speed, and precision

Release information 1.2.5:
- Fixed exploit loginserver
- Fixed exploit gameserver
- Fixed all crash location on monsters
- Fixed monster movement and related

Release information 1.2.4:
- Fixed bug crash on party request
- Fixed bug on drop system
- Re factored half of the game server system for optimizing speed
- Added pet emotes
- Added full exchange system
- Updated party system crash fix (In progress)

Release information 1.2.3:
- Fixed bug: Speed animations
- Fixed bug: Picking up items
- Fixed bug: Buying EU items from npc
- Fixed bug: Skill usage
- Fixed bug: Pet spawning
- Fixed bug: Pet Respawn
- Fixed bug: (Endreceive issues)
- Fixed bug: Basic skill attack for all weapon types
- Added grabPet inventory system
- Added grabpet movement system (corrected)
- Added grabpet grabfunction
- Added more skills
- Added base for status effects
- Added base for skydrome movement
- Added base for arrow key movement
- Added angle check for movement
- Updated drop system for ETC items (Non quest drops).
- Updated movement system checks
- Updated attack system checks intervals
- Updated timer system for callback checks

Release information 1.2.2:
- Pet system, Spawning / Despawning / Moving done
- Added hunter functions (Join hunter guild, Make name, Etc).
- Added all job functionality except character name loading (Disabled until fixed).
- Added messages for item inventory full pickup, gold message pickup
- Added new drop system (for faster and more correct drop information).
- Added basic stall function , create , open , modify (All fixed) except add item
- Added some items to item mall that are functioning.
- Added new guild / legion parts for the upcoming guild system.
- Fixed drop system
- Fixed skill system / mastery system (No more re-login needed).
- Fixed crash bug on monster attack
- Fixed spawning system for monsters (Stable and fast now).
- Fixed several npc's content.
- Fixed walking packet info for instances (Work in progress).

Release information 1.2.1:
- Basic pet system added (Grab pets only).
- Basic pet functions done (Follow, Rename pet and read from database).
- Basic job system done (Not active).
- Pvp system done
- Added 100 + Item functions
- Added Basic PK system
- Fixed several bugs (Long list)
- Added pre-work on skydrome clicking and pre-work for arrow key movement.
- Added pre-work for attack pets
- Added pre-work trading system for thief spawning and related
- Added reverse scroll functions basic (Not map yet).

Сервер файлы


Обновление Емуля
Release information 1.4.2:
- Fixed mastery (Upping and limitations)
- Fixed guild update information on upgrade / donation gp extra checks added
- Fixed exp relog bug
- Fixed exp orbs
- Fixed spawn while running (high speed spawn).
- Fixed computer usage (Optimise for several systems).
- Fixed several crash bugs (Due to bad packets).
- Added guild storage system (Full system , Gold / item withdraw & deposit etc).
- Added union system full system (Create,Remove,Add,Chat etc).
- Added vigor potions all
- Added base for bmp encoding of icon files (Folder: dfiles).
- Started base for data files (Guild icons / union icons and later patch server).

MS SQL 2005

MS SQL 2008

MS SQL 2008

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